aLLreLi C6 Bluetooth Shower Speaker Review


The aLLreLi C6 Bluetooth shower speaker is a rugged, compact and easy to setup portable speaker that’s destined to become a permanent shower accessory once you’ve tried it.

Being IP65 certified, the aLLreLi C6 Bluetooth speaker has no problems handling the wet, damp and dusty conditions of outdoor life for hours on end thanks to its built in battery conserving features and low power consumption.

What’s in the Box

upon unboxing you’ll be greeted with the C6 speaker itself, a USB cable for charging, the user manual and three different mounting options; these include a metal hook for attaching it to a backpack or bag, a suction cup for attaching it to shower tiles and similar smooth surfaces and a clip to attach it to a bike rack.

allreli c6 bluetooth speaker

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aLLreLi C6 Design

At just less than 4 inches in diameter, the C6 is compact and lightweight enough to take anywhere. And don’t worry if your destination is wet or dusty, because this small Bluetooth speaker is guaranteed dust-proof and has an IP65 waterproof rating.

With its carry hook, bike-rack adapter and suction cup, the chunky-looking C6 leaves you in no doubt its robust, ultra-adaptable and ready to see the world. Sporting a circular profile, the C6 has a silicone rubber chassis in ‘army green’, with a protective metal grille covering its front-facing speaker.

This has a slightly raised dome shape, a uniformly perforated grille pattern, and a centred logo. Suitably protected push-button control functions are found on the side surface together with a built-in microphone, LED status lights and a USB charging port.

allreli c6 bluetooth shower speaker

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aLLreLi C6 Audio

Powered by a single 4.5W driver, the C6 speaker packs a decent punch for a speaker that fits in the palm of your hands. There’s a decent amount of bass there but it definitely won’t be rattling any walls. In terms of loudness, the aLLreLi C6 Bluetooth shower speaker can get pretty loud once you hit the 80-100 percent level especially if you’re in an enclosed shower cubicle.

ALLreLi C6 Connection Options

Connection options on the C6 are quite basic, wireless streaming is handled by Bluetooth version 3.0 which provides a stable and reliable connection within a 10 metre range.

I’ve been using this speaker in my shower for the past few months and have not had a single issue with the Bluetooth connections. There’s also an aux input for wired connections, it’s a useful feature to have but I don’t recommend using this if you’re using the C6 solely as a shower speaker.

allreli c6 waterproof bluetooth shower speaker

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aLLreLi C6 Features

IP65 water resistant rating – The aLLreLi C6 Bluetooth shower speaker has achieved an IP65 water resistant rating which means it’s safe for use in wet and damp environments, shockproof and dust-proof.

Multiple mounting options – The C6 comes well equipped to take on both indoor and outdoor life, the suction cup provides a secure means for attaching to shower tiles while the mounting clip provides an easy way to attach the C6 to a backpack or similar.

Auto shutdown– To help conserve battery power, the C6 has an automatic feature which shuts down the speaker after 15 minutes of inactivity, perfect for people like me who forgets these types of things.

Call handling – A built-in mic on the C6 makes answering calls in the shower a simple and hassle free task. At the push of a button you can receive calls and when you’re done the music continues.

allreli c6 waterproof bluetooth speaker

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aLLreLi C6 Testing

I’ve had the C6 Bluetooth shower speaker for about a month now and it has completely replaced my BlitZwolf F1 speaker that I was using to play music in the shower. Connecting to this speaker is so easy, just switch it on and my phone connects automatically.

I’ll normally load up a few songs on my phone and leave it on the bed which is about 15 feet away from my shower, at this range I’ve had no dropouts or stuttering from the C6 and playback was as smooth as if it were 5 feet away.

The single most important feature of this or any other Bluetooth shower speaker on the market (in my opinion) is the ability to skip or rewind tracks without having to get out of the shower.

This feature works flawlessly on the C6, I was even able to skip ads while listening to YouTube in the shower. The C6’s audio quality is pretty decent for a speaker of this price range, there’s hardly any distortion at high volumes and spoken words are very clear easy to understand.

Apart from normal music playback the aLLreLi C6 Bluetooth shower speaker also has a built in mic for taking calls, I’ve tested this and found the call quality to be no different from using the speakerphone on my Galaxy S6. The C6 is rated at 4.5 watts and although this might not sound like a lot, I was pretty surprised how loud it sounds in an enclosed shower room.

allreli c6 waterproof bluetooth shower outdoor speaker

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aLLreLi C6 Verdict

The aLLreLi C6 wireless shower speaker is a reasonably priced (bought and reviewed at £13.99) device which has now become a permanent accessory in my bathroom. It’s easy to connect, has a pretty good wireless range, hardly needs recharging and most importantly it keeps my mobile phone safe and dry. Highly recommend!!!