Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers


If you’re a true music fanatic like me then chances are you’ve already done your research for the best Bluetooth shower speaker you can buy. Choosing a Bluetooth shower speaker isn’t as straight forward as choosing a typical Bluetooth speaker for everyday use, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider to ensure your speaker is suitable for shower use.

The firs and most important thing is that it has to be waterproof, simply being splash-proof might not be enough if there’s a chance of it becoming fully submerged.

Not all water resistant Bluetooth speakers are actually waterproof, you should always make a note of the waterproof rating the speaker has achieved to determine if it is suitable for use in the shower. Here’s a quick list of our top 4 Bluetooth shower speakers and a few more tips to consider before choosing any wireless shower speaker.

VicTsing® Wireless Bluetooth Speaker (IP56)

This waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker is ideal for outdoor use and offers all-round protection against the elements, as it has a sealed silicone layer at the base that prevents water and dust from getting into the unit. The loudspeaker is also protected by an aluminium mesh that incorporates an anti-oxidation coating.


A suction cup keeps the unit attached to walls or flat surfaces, but you can also hang it using the metal hook provided. The speaker is powered by a 500mAh battery that gives you 6 hours of playtime at 70% volume.

As for the quality of sound, this waterproof speaker has an above-average output of 5 Watts, which is more than sufficient for use in small areas like shower rooms or vehicles. The list of useful features is completed by hands-free call and auto shut-down. A power display function is also available on some of the newer smartphones. Was £12.99 at time of writing, check current price here.

aLLreLi C6 Waterproof Bluetooth 3.0 Speaker (IP65)

The aLLreLi C6 has been designed to be truly portable and to withstand rough conditions. This wireless Bluetooth speaker is certified to IP65 level (one of the highest ratings available), which makes it dustproof, shockproof, and of course waterproof.

Its compact size of 3.7 x 3.4 x 1.3 inches allows you to keep it handy at all times, and the package includes a suction cup and carabineer for wireless sound on the go. There is also a bracket that allows you to mount the speaker unit on your bike rack.


This waterproof Bluetooth shower speaker delivers a good audio performance thanks to a 4.5Watt loudspeaker, which has a range of 32 feet and is capable of filling a small room or outdoor area with distortion-free sound. Battery life is approximately 4.5 hours, and there is a practical battery-saving feature that automatically turns the speaker off after 15 minutes of inactivity. Was £13.99 at time of writing, check current price here.

TaoTronics® Water Resistant Shower Speaker (IPX4)

California-based firm TaoTronics has designed this Bluetooth shower speaker to offer great sound on the move. A sound output of 3 Watts and excellent compatibility options are the key features of this portable Bluetooth speaker, which also incorporates front-facing volume, track, and power controls, as well as a built-in microphone and a hands-free function.


A suction cup keeps the speaker firmly attached to shower walls, whereas an IP04 rating makes it resistant to water splashes in shower enclosures, and is also suitable for outdoor use in fishing, boating, and camping trips.

In addition to Bluetooth 3.0, this shower speaker boasts A2DP technology that supports high-quality stereo sound. A 2-hour charge will give you up to 6 hours of playback time. Battery-saving and auto standby functions come as standard. Was £10.99 at time of writing, check current price here.

VTin Relaxer Water Resistant Bluetooth Speaker (IPX4)

This water-resistant Bluetooth shower speaker stands out thanks to its excellent sound quality and extra features. State-of-the-art Bluetooth 4.0 makes pairing quick and efficient, and a high-capacity 1,500mAh battery gives you an excellent battery life of up to 8 hours. Sound quality gets consistently good reviews and is boosted by a noise cancellation setting.


In addition to all the standard functions (hands-free call, USB charger, suction cup, etc.), the VTin Relaxer works as an FM radio with 11 pre-set channels that can be controlled via the front-facing LCD display. Was £24.99 at time of writing, check current price here.

Bluetooth Shower Speaker Buying Tips
9 things to consider before buying a Bluetooth shower speaker

Check the IP rating

Like most other devices, Bluetooth speakers have to achieve a certain level of testing before they can be labelled waterproof or splash-proof. Always check the achieved IP code to ensure the speaker can work safely in the shower without putting yourself or the device at risk. Find out more about IP codes here.


Not all Bluetooth speakers are compatible with all devices. Check before you buy to make sure that your chosen speaker will work with your chosen gadget. Generally, most mobile phones and tablets should be able to connect without a problem but again read through the manufacturer’s description for any know issues with other specific devices.


You probably won’t want anything too large or bulky taking up a lot of space, especially if you have a standard sized shower cubicle. Save room by opting for a small speaker that still boasts a powerful sound.

Battery Life

If you don’t want to be charging your speaker up too frequently, you need to consider the battery life of your speaker, especially if you like long showers! As a rule of thumb you should always go for a speaker that offers over 6 hours per charge, this is more than adequate for normal day to day usage.

Call Handling

If you don’t want to miss important calls while you’re in the bathroom, look for a Bluetooth shower speaker that allows you the option to receive calls when paired with your smartphone. Most if not all Bluetooth shower speakers should come with this function but again check to ensure.

Ease of Use

You probably won’t want to choose a speaker that is really complicated to use or you’ll risk running out of hot water before your music starts playing! Choose a speaker with plenty of features but user-friendly controls – simple buttons or even a remote can be very useful.


How are you going to fix your speaker into your shower? Some will hang from either your shower curtain or shower head while others feature suction cups to stick to the tiles. From personal experience I’ve found the clip to be a better option than the suction cup especially if you’re going to crank up the volume.


You won’t want to risk getting your mobile or tablet wet, so make sure you choose a speaker with a long enough connection range to allow you to keep your paired device safely out of splashing distance. Most wireless shower speakers should have at least a 10 feet range; this should be enough for you to safely keep your device dry at all times.


Bluetooth shower speakers come in a wide range of colours and designs. Depending on your taste you can make a statement or match your bathroom’s decor.

There’s no doubt that bathroom acoustics are hard to beat, so if you are one of the countless people who loves to sing in the shower, you may want to invest in a Bluetooth shower speaker. There is no better way to listen to music while you wash, and as they are available at a range of price points, you are sure to find one to suit your budget.