Best Bluetooth Speakers for Home and Indoor Use


Not all Bluetooth speakers are created equally, some are best suited to the harsh outdoors whereas some Bluetooth speakers are better suited to a home or indoor setting.

The list below will highlight some of the best Bluetooth speakers for home and indoor use.

Azatom Stealth Air 2A

The Azatom Stealth Air 2A Bluetooth speaker is the ideal Bluetooth speaker for home and indoor use as it features Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth and Airplay functionality; it’s compatible with the latest iPhone and iPad models making it a truly versatile wireless speaker for home use.


Azatom have equipped this Stealth Air 2A speaker with premium components for a classy audio performance: a configuration of 2 x 52-mm tweeters, 1 x 120-mm mid-range driver, and twin 100-mm passive subwoofers teamed with an ultra-efficient, 120-watt output class HD amplifier and custom digital sound processing sets high performance standards indeed!

Supported by a stunning contemporary design and a stellar listening experience, the Stealth-Air 2A redefines excellence. Check pricing here.

Pure Jongo T6X

Where audio power and presence is essential, Pure’s Jongo T6X can be relied upon to provide a substantial undistorted output. With its plain, distinctively curved speaker grille, and a tiny logo which swivels to accommodate both horizontal and vertical speaker orientation, the Jongo adopts a no-frills design ethic.


Bluetooth (A2DP) connectivity is available, plus an aux input, and its Wi-Fi networking via the downloadable Jongo app which unlocks and controls this speaker’s potential for individual performance or cascaded, multi-room listening via several units makes this Bluetooth speaker ideal for home use.

Whichever layout is deployed, the audio power is awesome in the context of party-genre musics, and yet the Pure Jongo T6X can also handle the subtlest audio with confidence and clarity. Check pricing here.

KitSound Evoke 2.1

A stylish, fully featured wireless Bluetooth speaker, the Evoke 2.1 is compatible with a comprehensive range of smartphones and tablets.

Featuring Bluetooth V3 audio streaming, the Evoke 2.1 enables NFC one-touch pairing via suitably equipped smartphones, tablets, and laptops and has an aux input to accommodate wired connection to pre-Bluetooth MP3 players and similar.


The KitSound Evoke has an available audio output of 40 watts delivered through twin 5-watt speaker drivers and a 30-watt subwoofer.

Bass frequencies are adjustable and the unit delivers a very creditable audio performance without distortion. For extra convenience, the Evoke’s top-mounted playback controls can also be accessed with the unit’s remote control; and mobile devices can be charged via a dedicated USB port. Check pricing here.

Azatom Home Hub

Azatom’s designers have opted to equip this multi-function device with a very decent music spec, thus adding substance to its role as a contemporary entertainment hub. Stylish and tasteful in appearance, the Home Hub features a flip-top phone dock which, when not required, neatly stows away to restore the unit’s flush profile.

Its main features are: phone dock, wireless Bluetooth speaker, FM radio and alarm clock, but the Home Hub’s standout attribute is its class-leading audio performance.


Few alarm clocks have a 30-watt digital amplifier, twin bass ports, and high-calibre speaker drivers fitted with powerful neodymium magnets; and none can deliver audio of comparable quality.

Connectivity options are pleasingly diverse: the unit is compatible with playback and charging of iPhones and iPods – including those with Lightning connectors; Bluetooth 2.1 allows easy streaming from smartphones, tablets and similar devices; and an aux input facilitates cabled connection with non-Bluetooth music players. Check pricing here.

Creative D200

With its neat, understated profile, the Creative D200 looks, and sounds, clearly focused on what it sets out to achieve. Though its minimalist design is hardly striking, the D200’s broad plain speaker cloth and smoothly flowing lines will nevertheless blend tastefully within any home setting.

Equipped with Bluetooth 2.1, the D200 also features the apt-X codec which provides top-quality wireless audio streaming, and supports the AVRCP profile which allows compatible Bluetooth devices to control the D200’s volume.


Thanks to a high quality digital amplifier and the extra bass enhancement provided by an integrated bass port, the Creative D200 delivers a very creditable balanced audio listening experience which offers commendable, distortion-free clarity across the audio spectrum.

Playback from MP3 players and other non-Bluetooth devices is also supported via an aux input. Check pricing here.