Best Levitating Bluetooth Speakers – Floating Bluetooth Speakers available in the UK


Levitating Bluetooth Speakers powered by electromagnetism and designed to float above their powered base are one of the latest innovative offerings to enter the UK personal-audio market.

Their functions and features parallel those of more conventional wireless speakers, though arguably their appeal is somewhat broader. Initially dismissed as an eye-catching novelty by some, claims elsewhere suggest floating Bluetooth speakers offer some significant audio advantage. Here are some details of four of the best levitating Bluetooth speakers you can buy in the UK.

Ice Orb Floating Bluetooth Speaker

The Ice Orb floating wireless speaker impresses with its stunningly beautiful symmetry, complemented by a blue and white colour scheme which conveys an aura of elegance and cool sophistication.

Coupled with its innovative levitation, achieved by clever deployment of electromagnetism, this is enough to persuade many prospective UK purchasers they have spotted a must-have acquisition. However, the Orb offers more than just an aesthetic profile, and personal audio fans will be pleased to note it comes equipped with the latest Bluetooth audio streaming, including rapid NFC pairing with all of the currently available tablets and smartphones.


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The Orb can be floated 10 mm above its neat circular power base whilst simultaneously delivering a creditably clean, clear and undistorted audio performance, even at high volumes. Successful levitation demands a soon-acquired knack supported by positional feedback from a ‘dynamic stabilisation system’ utilising four LED lights on the base.

In addition, the Orb can also be used as a conventional, stand-alone portable Bluetooth speaker away from its base. When used in powered mode, the Ice Orb’s USB charging port, located in the base, can be used to charge other mobile devices. Utilising a specially designed circular speaker system, the spinning Orb can project crisp audio signals throughout a 360-degree range to ensure each listener gets to hear every detail of a musical performance.

Pyrus Wireless Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Another of the UK’s floating Bluetooth speakers, the Pyrus exhibits a powerful sci-fi aura which is significantly enhanced by its striking two-tone black and red colour scheme.

Though its ability to achieve gravity-defying levitation above its powered base is what makes the Pyrus wireless speaker special, it also has all the attributes expected of a modern Bluetooth speaker.


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Compatible with iPhones, Android smartphones and the latest iPads and Tablets, the Pyrus utilises the latest Bluetooth 4.1 protocol to deliver high-quality audio streaming to paired devices, and also supports NFC ‘one-touch’ pairing. Powered by a substantial 5-watt speaker driver, the Pyrus can deliver a decent undistorted audio performance whilst it also floats and spins above its power base.

Levitating the speaker requires a little practice at first, and users will find the purpose of the four LED lights in the base is to provide visual feedback to support this electromagnetic process. Once mastered, the effect is immensely captivating and adds a new dimension to music listening.

Away from its power source, this handsome, solidly constructed speaker will perform as a conventional and highly portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, and the base itself also offers USB charging facilities for your other mobile devices.

Helium Levitate Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Scientifically speaking, most music-audio technologies have always understood and exploited the electro-magnetic forces generated via audio signal flows. However, it is only comparatively recently these forces have also been cleverly harnessed to create Bluetooth speakers which will play your music tracks whilst floating in mid-air.


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Though the Helium Levitate accomplishes this feat with aplomb, as with its gravity-defying rivals, this floating Bluetooth speaker achieves aerial suspension via electro-magnetism – no helium or other lighter-than-air gases are actually involved.

As proof of this, owners of the Helium Levitate will find that, when removed from its powered base and used in battery-power mode as a regular portable wireless speaker, its magnetic properties allow it to be attached to the fridge, the washing machine or any other metal object.

Utilising a powerful 3-watt speaker driver, the Levitate delivers a crisp, clear audio performance with audio-streaming handled by Bluetooth 4.0, and a built-in 800mAh rechargeable battery which delivers up to five hours of music playback. Other Helium Levitate features include an onboard microphone for hands-free speakerphone facilities, and an aux-input for cabled connection and playback of non-Bluetooth music sources.

Quite apart from its musical attributes, anyone purchasing the Helium Levitate is bound to discover its magical properties also mean it will invariably take centre stage, providing a perfect conversation piece guaranteed to enthrall and entertain your friends.

Nova Orb Levitating Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Another floating speaker capable of taking your music experience into a totally new dimension is the Nova Orb. Sporting an eye-catching two-tone colour scheme (red/black or white/blue options), the Orb has a classy, futuristic look which will have instant appeal for sci-fi fans.

Apart from its impressive levitational merits, this speaker also comes equipped with the features and functionality expected of a 21st-century wireless speaker. High-quality audio streaming is handled by Bluetooth 4.1, which means the Orb is fully compatible with a range of iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets, as well as Bluetooth-enabled laptops and PCs.


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In addition, NFC ‘one-touch’ pairing with the latest mobile-audio devices is also supported. Hovering and spinning freely above the base unit is, of course, achieved by carefully engineered electromagnetism. However, owners of a newly acquired Orb will find achieving this visually stunning feat will require some initial practice.

The subtleties of this balancing skill are supported by four LED lights on the base – when all are fully on, this means the onboard magnetic stabilisation technology calculates the Orb is optimally positioned to begin its mid-air concert.

A five-watt speaker driver guarantees crystal clear sounds, and a specially designed speaker delivers a 360-degree soundscape which will delight the eyes and ears in equal measure. Notwithstanding its beguiling aerial displays in powered mode, the Orb can also be used as a conventional, battery-powered portable speaker.

Floating Bluetooth Speakers have established a presence in the audio world, showing how innovative design supported by rock-solid, advanced audio technology can be blended in stunning and surprising new ways.

Such eye-catching products currently attract premium prices and attention across all market sectors, and make the future look decidedly interesting!