Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers


If you want great quality sound in all locations and weather, waterproof Bluetooth speakers are the way to go in 2016. You can enjoy maximum versatility and durability while listening to your music on the go.Not only can some of these speakers be splashed by water and survive intact, but they can actually be submerged in water and suffer no ill effects – ideal if you like to play your tunes in the bath or by the pool.

These waterproof Bluetooth speakers have a host of clever design features and are incredibly innovative. Here are 8 of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers to look out for in 2016.

1UE Roll

Petite yet powerful, the UE Roll wireless mobile speaker produces an amazing quality 360 degree sound without the need for wires or cables. Its incredible bass and crispness of sound makes it the perfect choice for anyone who wants their music to work as hard as they do.


Extremely portable, its durability and waterproof nature means that it is suitable for use just about anywhere as it can be dropped, rolled or hit and the sound quality remains perfect. The extended battery life lasts for a respectable 9 hours and the wireless range is an impressive 20 metres which means you never need to worry about where you want to listen.

This speaker can even be updated regularly thanks to the downloadable app, so buyers can benefit from the latest software which pushes this waterproof speaker to new heights. Check current price here.

2UE Boom 2

If you are looking for water resistant Bluetooth speakers with an immensely long battery life and amazing sound quality, the UE Boom 2 wireless mobile speaker won’t disappoint.


Projecting a powerful bass through 360 degrees, the UE Boom 2 can work at maximum efficiency for a whopping 15 hours without needing a recharge. Its 30 metre wireless range gives you extra scope and you’ll never need to worry about getting this speaker wet as is waterproof for up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 metre.

It is also shockproof, so you can be as adventurous as you like while listening to your favourite tunes, but just in case the unforeseen happens you can enjoy complete peace of mind thanks to the 2 year guarantee that comes standard with this waterproof Bluetooth speaker. Check current price here.

3TDK A34 Trek Max

For speakers that are the ultimate in portability while maintaining a stylish appearance and a design that is incredibly durable, the TDK A34 Trek Max Wireless Bluetooth IP64 Certified Weatherproof Speaker is the perfect solution.


The wireless Bluetooth allows streaming of music seamlessly, while pairing is instant with compatible devices thanks to its built-in NFC technology. The Trek Max is compatible with virtually all devices and can be used as a speakerphone via the integrated microphone.

Completely weatherproof and shockproof, use the Trek Max speakers anywhere you want to go – they won’t need recharging for a full 8 hours. Check current price here.

4Grace Digital ECOSTONE

If you like to listen to your music while bathing or sitting by the pool, the Grace Digital ECOSTONE Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is the perfect choice for you as it is completely waterproof and not just water resistant.


With its long, 12 hour battery life, these speakers produce crystal clear sound and are compatible with a broad range of devices including smartphones, tablets and MP3 players. Thanks to the integrated threading mount you can conveniently attach this speaker to almost anything and you can even use it with your mobile to make handsfree calls.

This incredibly practical speaker can even be used as a flashlight or as a power bank for charging your other devices on the move. Check current price here.

5Inateck Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

The Inateck Ultra-Portable Aluminum Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker produces amazing high definition sound quality and intense bass while remaining incredibly portable. This speaker has an unbelievably long battery life which can last for 15 hours without requiring a recharge.


With its integrated microphone it is ideal for hands free mobile calls and can be connected to both Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth enabled devices thanks to its 3.5mm audio jack. The signal reaches for a full 10 metres, making it easier than ever to listen to your music in any room of the home.

Waterproof to IPX5 level, the Inateck speaker will be safe from any splashes or spills while it also has many durable features like the extra strength audio cable and rubber cover for both the auxiliary and DC input ports. Check current price here.

6TDK A33

Offering all-weather protection against the elements plus a superb audio specification, the TDK A33, like many water resistant Bluetooth speakers, carries an IP64 water-resistance rating, and its heavy-duty chassis – which is also dustproof – should keep even the worst of the great outdoors at bay.

Despite its compact enclosure, the A33 houses twin 1.5-inch drivers at the front, and dual 3-inch passive bass radiators at the rear, ensuring a full-spectrum audio response.


In addition, a 2.5-inch subwoofer adds richness and colour to the low-end frequencies, contributing to an overall high-quality distortion-free sonic performance.

There’s an aux input for older equipment, whilst Bluetooth 2.1 provides reliable audio streaming for phones and tablets with a convenient speaker-phone for hands-free calling. Get pricing and TDK A33 reviews here.

7Grace Digital ECOROX

With a rugged cabinet which is, of course, shockproof and dustproof, Grace Digital’s ECOROX also floats and, like many of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers, offers guaranteed waterproofing in excess of the stringent IPX7 standard. Its quoted operating range is -40° to 165°F, which means this speaker is totally happy in almost any outdoor environment.


Audio equipment includes two full-range speaker drivers delivering a 6-watt output, plus a top-mounted bass radiator to enhance the bass presence. This configuration gives sparkling full-spectrum audio which can stream music tracks from any Bluetooth-enabled device, with an aux input to accommodate pre-Bluetooth equipment.

A caribiner clip assists outdoor portability, and a built-in camera mount provides yet another secure location option whilst enjoying battery-powered music playback of up to 10 hours. Get pricing and Grace Digital ECOROX reviews here.

8Logitech UE BOOM

Thanks to its plasma-coated ‘acoustic skin’ protection, Logitech’s UE BOOM is water-resistant to IPX4 standard which, combined with its 360-degree soundfield option and 15 hours of battery life, must make it one of the wireless speakers of choice for beach parties.


The Boom also offers fast and reliable Bluetooth pairing and a very usable streaming range of up to 50 feet. A further party-friendly option is the double-up/stereo feature: this allows two Booms to be combined via a downloadable app.

Various other downloadable enhancements are also available such as alarms, a five-band EQ, and Logitech have further downloadable upgrades in the pipeline. Get pricing and Logitech UE Boom reviews here.

These 8 products are some of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers you will come across in 2016. So; if you are looking for brilliant sound quality together with the benefits of portability and the convenience of waterproofing, you could choose any of these water resistant Bluetooth speakers and enjoy great value while you listen to great music.