BlitzWolf F1 Bluetooth Speaker Review


If you’re in the market for a fully featured, pocket-sized, go-anywhere Bluetooth speaker at a very affordable price, you should check out the new BlitzWolf F1 Bluetooth Speaker.

It’s built to last and designed to fit in with busy modern lifestyles. Does it have Bluetooth 4.0? Of course! What about hands-free calling? Sorted! Is it suitable for both Android and iPhone? You bet!

Customer-friendly newcomers

BlitzWolf are a young company who have set themselves a task of creating ‘well designed, well styled and well made technology products that suit your needs and your lifestyle’.

So far, this dynamic team have developed an impressive range of accessories such as mobile-oriented cables, power banks, and smart chargers.

Their new wireless speaker signals a move into music accessories, and this partner device fits logically into their product range. BlitzWolf are keen to make products which will be highly rated in their field, and are prepared to offer great designs, superb customer service and fantastic prices to achieve that aim.


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F1 design profile

Adopting a very practical, tried-and-tested design, the Blitzwolf F1 Bluetooth Speaker measures 7.87 inches long, 3.54 inches tall, and 1.97 inches deep, which makes it supremely portable and about the size of a (slim) pencil case – though at 7.04 ounces, arguably a little heavier. Definitely styled to attract those who are looking for a rugged, knockabout product, the F1 has a sturdy oblong-shaped aluminium alloy chassis.

The design also incorporates an anchorage for a convenient wrist carry-strap and has a prominent top-mounted, push-button control interface, making all operating functions easy to access. The cabinet enclosure has a metal speaker grille at the front with a tasteful honeycomb pattern which is both decorative and functional.

The only other feature visible at the front is the distinctive BlitzWolf ‘paw-print’ logo which sits at the centre of the design. The left side of the cabinet, as viewed from the front, contains a housing for the carry-strap, whilst both the charging and aux-input ports are located on the right-hand side. All edges are rounded to facilitate handling and storage, and the F1 is currently available in a choice of three colours: black, grey and a two-tone black/red version.


F1 performance

Equipped with dual 18-core, 45-mm speaker drivers, the F1 review model pushes out a very respectable 5 watts per channel, and a digital amplifier ensures the audio output remains consistent and distortion-free throughout the range. Given the size of the enclosure, there is a reasonable bass presence which is supported and shaped by a forward-firing passive sub-woofer.

The speaker drivers are also forward facing and positioned at either end of the enclosure to give a degree of stereo separation. In line with its role as an outdoor-friendly device, the F1 is splash-proof and water-resistant, and also shock-proof and dust-proof, making it a very appealing audio companion for most leisure and adventure environments.

F1 functions

The review version of the Blitzwolf F1 Bluetooth Speaker has all the essential wireless-speaker functionality. Bluetooth 4.0 capability means the F1 is fully compatible with all of the latest iPhones and Android smartphones, plus the handy aux-input facility also allows cabled playback of music from computers and any other non-Bluetooth devices.

In addition, the F1 has full hands-free speakerphone access, allowing you to take calls anywhere and everywhere at the touch of a button. A built-in, full-power 1800mAH battery gives a music playback time of between 10 and 12 hours and an ‘auto-sleep/ energy-saving’ function provides a further useful means of conserving battery power.

Main Features and Specs:

  • Digital audio amplifier: stereo, 5 watts per channel.
  • Speaker driver: 2 x 18-core 45mm speaker units.
  • Frequency response: 100Hz-20KHz.
  • Passive sub-woofer.
  • Bluetooth: 4.0.
  • Bluetooth range: 10 metres.
  • Onboard microphone for hands-free calls.
  • Lithium-ion onboard rechargeable battery: 1800mAH.
  • Micro USB charging.
  • Charging time: 4-5 hours.
  • Playback time: 10-12 hours.
  • Aux input: 3.5mm stereo audio.

Pricing and availability

At time of writing the BlitzWolf F1 Bluetooth speaker was available to US customers through for $34.99. Click here for current US price, ratings and more user reviews of the BlitzWolf F1 Bluetooth speaker.

For UK customers, the BlitzWolf F1 Bluetooth speaker was available through for £29.99. Click here for current price and more product details.