Bolse 12W Bluetooth Speaker Review


Boasting must-have contemporary features such as one-touch pairing, audio buddy connectivity and phone display of its battery status, the Bolse 12W Bluetooth Speaker is a great partner device for any new smartphone or tablet.

And with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology on board, the compact BTS 12 can deliver impressive high-quality audio streaming for up to 15 hours just from one single charge, and offer reliable compatibility with a broad range of devices, including non-Bluetooth equipment.

Cutting-edge audio

Bolse supplies sophisticated personal tech solutions which they select from new tech gear available on the online electronics market.


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According to Bolse, they are looking to source innovative gadgets for customers wanting the very latest features and devices at affordable prices. Savvy tech customers will be pleased to hear the Bolse product range has been carefully chosen to reflect the important difference between ‘what’s merely good and what’s really great’.

Refined audio design

Housed in a restrained cabinet which has a plastic framework, and protected front and back by a plain mesh speaker grille, the Bolse 12W Bluetooth Speaker has a rectangular profile which is distinguished by its sophisticated rounded edges. Its sleek and modern looks are further complemented by a top-mounted integrated touch control interface which has six clearly marked, backlit control buttons.

In addition, the top panel also contains a LED status indicator, a label displaying the location of the unit’s NFC chip, plus a smart company logo in the top left-hand corner. The BTS 12 review model, which is well-constructed and feels reassuringly solid, also has a connector panel tucked away at the rear.

This incorporates an audio buddy jack doubling as a headphone socket, a 3.5-mm stereo aux input, a Micro USB charging port and a power slider switch.


Solid audio performance

The primary internal feature of the Bolse 12W Bluetooth Speaker is its two rugged, front-facing 40-mm speaker drivers. These powerful full-range units feature an LF diaphragm which enhances the low-end frequencies.

Each speaker driver has an output rating of 6 watts which is further enriched by a large interior acoustic cavity and a specially designed rear panel which functions as a bass port and therefore contributes extra bass enhancement.

In use, the diminutive BTS 12 review model offers a clear detailed sound with plenty of warm bass character with as much punch as a unit of this size can deliver.

And even though the 12-watt audio output delivered by this Bolse speaker will fill many domestic interior spaces, the unit also has an ‘audio buddy’ function – accessed via the headphone jack – to enable further units, and other external speakers, to be daisy-chained together in order to create really big sound arrays.

Comprehensive connectivity options

Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and supporting the latest CSR protocol, the Bolse 12W Bluetooth Speaker offers fast, NFC one-touch pairing for all the latest tablets and smartphones with this feature.

This not only gives the BTS review model access to high quality audio streaming, it also extends battery life to an amazing 15 hours. In addition, there is an aux-input for non-Bluetooth equipment, an audio buddy extension (see above), and a hands-free speakerphone option.

Main Features:

  • Bluetooth 4.0, CSR.
  • NFC pairing.
  • Speaker drivers: 2 x 40-mm.
  • Audio output: 2 x 6 watts.
  • Aux input: 3.5-mm stereo audio.
  • Headphone/Audio Buddy extension.
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery.
  • Micro-USB charging.
  • Music playback: 15 hours.
  • Onboard microphone for hands-free calling.

Pricing and Availability

At time of writing the Bolse 12W Bluetooth speaker was available at for £33. Click here for current price and more Bolse 12W Bluetooth speaker reviews.