Creative Outlier Review – Lightweight and Customizable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


Today I’ll be sharing with you my Creative Outlier review; it’s a newly released wireless Bluetooth headphone by the renowned audio geniuses Creative Labs. This wireless Bluetooth headphone was provided to me courtesy of the great folks at Creative Labs and it’s actually the first pair of headphones we’ve reviewed here at Top Speakers so expectations are quite high.

Creative Outlier Headphones

1All about Creative

Creative’s digital entertainment products enjoy global popularity. One of the companies responsible for kick-starting the multimedia age via its legendary Sound Blaster® sound card.

Creative is now at the forefront of today’s digital entertainment with a host of cutting-edge products such as high-grade audio amplifiers, digital-to-audio converters, plus wireless speakers and headphones.

Still supporting a Sound Blaster user base exceeding 400 million, Creative have developed the ‘X7’ and the ‘Roar’ as modern-day SB equivalents tasked with serving the audio requirements of the converging world of PCs, tablets and smartphones.

All Creative’s experience and innovation is now accessible to today’s digital music consumers who reap the benefits in the form of of cutting-edge hardware and slick music applications delivering ‘high-quality digital entertainment – anytime, anywhere.’

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Creative Outlier Headphone2Urban style

Focusing on wearer comfort, these ultra-lightweight Creative Outlier Bluetooth headphones are fitted with soft-feel leatherette ear pads fashioned from memory foam and feature a flexible headband, making them an ideal choice for prolonged use.

Their on-ear design creates an optimal listening environment whilst avoiding the total detachment of full-enclosure patterns which would pose a risk to the wearer, for example during outdoor urban use.

Built for durability, the Outliers are available in white or black but can be extensively customised by the addition of acoustic rings available in a host of bright colours.

3Adaptable audio

Fitted with professionally-tuned, 32-mm Neodymium drivers, these Bluetooth headphones are well equipped to deliver a powerful audio signal of immense quality.

In addition, their acoustic rings offer music fans two different performance modes: listening with the rings produces a balanced music mix whilst removing the acoustic rings boosts the perceived level of bass frequencies and thus adds considerably more punch to your tracks.

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4Multi-source music play

The Creative Outlier features NFC-Enabled Bluetooth 4.1 for fast, smooth connectivity and audio streaming via smartphones and compatible tablets. There is also an integrated MP3 player supporting the major audio file formats, which can be loaded and played back from a MicroSD card.

Indoors, the Outlier can also be used via USB to enjoy music, games and videos stored on PC sources. And for cabled listening to music available on legacy audio formats, the Outlier also features an aux input which can be accessed via a 3.5-mm jack.

Creative-Outlier WirelessHeadphones

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5Feature-rich convenience

Creative have added some useful features to the Outlier specification: The hands-free calling function operates with excellent clarity due to the enhancements produced by HD Voice and ClearSpeech Engine software, and further Android functionality is offered via Buddy, a free message-reading app.

Beyond this, a Pacer Mode allows active users to record and announce lap times and total elapsed time. Music playback is a very generous 10 hours, with up to eight hours of talk time.

6Creative Outlier features and specs:

  • Worn on-ear.
  • Headphone weight: 93g (3.28oz).
  • Volume Control.
  • Connector Type selector switch.
  • Bluetooth version 4.1.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) pairing.
  • Driver Size: 32mm Neodymium.
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 22kHz.
  • Integrated MP3 player.
  • Supports Micro SD and USB connectivity.
  • Aux input: 3.5-mm stereo audio.
  • Dual audio profile.
  • Music playback: up to 10 hours.


The Creative Outlier is by far the best mid range (price) on-ear headphones I’ve ever used. I’ve tried a few mid range (price) headphones in the past but they all had the same problem, after about an hour or so they’d get really uncomfortable.

I’m pleased to say that’s not a problem with the Outlier, I can comfortably use these headphones for hours on end with very little discomfort. The soft cushion ear cups really go a long way in providing overall comfort.

What I like most about the Outlier is its connectivity options. The built in MP3 player is a very useful function especially when your mobile is running low (and you’re on the bus).

The acoustic rings are also an added bonus because let’s face it some tracks just sound better with a BOOM. I would highly recommend the Outlier to anyone looking for a mid price on-ear headphone that’s both customizable and feature rich.

8Where to buy

At time of writing the Creative Outlier Wireless Bluetooth Headphones were available at for £79.99 and via Creative’s main website for £79.99. Click here for current Amazon price or here to check Creative’s website for latest price.


  1. Cool looking headphones, really impressed with how light they are consider all the features. I remember buying my first sound card over 20 years ago, it was a Soundblaster.