EMIE Solo One Review – Elegant and Stylish Bluetooth Speaker for Home


The EMIE Solo One Bluetooth speaker will especially appeal to those who insist their music device must also double as a graceful centrepiece. That is definitely not to say it won’t sound good – any portable wireless Bluetooth speaker for home use equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 is clearly set up to deliver quality audio streaming and effortless compatibility with tablets and smartphones.

Creative electronics

Based in China, EMIE is a new (2011) design-oriented electronics company wishing to challenge and reverse the stereotypical view that Chinese products are ‘cheap and unoriginal’. The EMIE strategy is to employ innovative designs to create striking and original audio-related equipment with technologically advanced features.


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Its growing list of beautiful products fashioned in response to this brief now includes audio players, external batteries, wireless speakers, eye-catching wearables and other digital accessories. EMIE’s product output aims ‘to give users a more personal and unique experience’.

Elegant technology

The Solo One wireless speaker is ultra-easy on the eye and is certainly not designed to be tucked away out of sight. First impressions evoke a delicate sense of oriental elegance and it is quite obvious this device has been carefully sculpted to look good in any modern living space. According to EMIE, the speaker’s circles and irregular curved outlines hark back to the subtle geometric shapes found in early loudspeaker designs.

Fashioned in aluminium alloy and a wood grain finish, the finely worked enclosure has a circular speaker grille etched with holes measuring precisely 0.2mm. Viewed side on, the cabinet sweeps back in an artistically shaped curve which does indeed resemble a retro speaker chassis.

Other than a stable and purposeful aluminium stand, this EMIE Solo One Bluetooth speaker has no other visible external features. What this means in practice is that its designers have entirely abandoned the traditional control interface, and the Solo One’s functions are now accessed by other methods. (See below)


Audio inspiration

Though its visual appeal is unmistakable, the curved enclosure of the EMIE Solo One Bluetooth speaker also contributes to its ability to shape and project audio signals. Driven by 2X5 Watt tweeters positioned at the left and right of the housing, the Solo One offers deep bass with very little distortion at high volumes. Spoken words are crisp and clean with the Solo One, again only slightly distorted at max volume.

Functions at your fingertips

Offering Bluetooth 4.0 high-quality audio streaming, the Solo One’s essential control functions are controlled by gesture: Touching the power symbol for a moment activates the speaker, whilst a touch and slide gesture is used to increase/ decrease the volume.

In addition, new tablets and smartphones can use remote ‘one-touch’ pairing to establish a Bluetooth-streaming connection. Apart from the wireless capabilities of the Solo One, there’s also a 3.5mm connection to connect your non wireless devices.

Main features and specs:

  • Bluetooth: version 4.0.
  • NFC Control.
  • Audio Power: 2 x 5 Watts.
  • Speaker drivers: 2 x 1 inch.
  • Sound-to-noise ratio: ≥75dB.
  • Frequency: 80Hz – 18kHz.
  • Rechargeable battery: Lithium-ion 1200mAh.
  • Music playback: 3 hours.
  • Aux input: 3.5-mm stereo audio.

Where to buy

At time of writing the EMIE Solo One Bluetooth speaker was available at Amazon.co.uk for just under £90 and EMIE’s official website for $139. Click here for current Amazon.co.uk price and more Emie Solo One reviews.