How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to an iPad


If you’re having difficulty or you simply don’t know how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to an iPad then this short tutorial is for you.

As we all know, the iPad isn’t much of a contender when it comes to audio quality; infact there are some Bluetooth speakers under £30 that can do a better job of bringing your music to life. Luckily for us the iPad’s audio functionality can be extended by connecting it to a Bluetooth speaker. Here’s how:

Step 1 – Turn on your Bluetooth speaker then wait for the Bluetooth indicator to start blinking, if this does not happen automatically then hold down the Bluetooth connect button and wait for the LED to start flashing.

Step 2 – Switch on Bluetooth on your iPad – Go to Settings (image 1) then click on the Bluetooth icon (image 2) then switch it on. This should bring up all Bluetooth devices within range, the example below shows my BlitzWolf F1 within range, just click on your Bluetooth speaker and it will pair. That’s it your Bluetooth speaker should now be connected to your iPad.