How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a Windows 7 Desktop


For this step by step guide we’ll show you how easy it is to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a desktop running Windows 7.

For this example we’ll assume that your desktop does not have built in Bluetooth functionality and connection can only be made using a Bluetooth dongle.


To connect your Desktop to a Bluetooth speaker you’ll need any Bluetooth speaker and a Bluetooth dongle (assuming your desktop does not already have built in Bluetooth functionality). For this example we’ll use the Plugable Bluetooth 4.0 USB dongle and the Audio Dynamix Mesh 3 Bluetooth speaker.

Step 1 Plug-in the Bluetooth dongle in any available USB port on your desktop and install the drivers when prompted. Windows 7 will automatically try to retrieve appropriate drivers but if for some reason it fails then use the installation CD that came with the dongle to install the drivers.

Step 2- Once you’ve installed the necessary drivers a Bluetooth icon will appear in the taskbar on the bottom right hand corner of your desktop. Click on the Bluetooth icon and select “Add a Device” from the pop-up menu.

Step 3- After clicking add a new device you’ll get a pop-up window which shows you a list of all Bluetooth enabled devices within range, select the name of your Bluetooth speaker like in the image below then click next.


Step 4- After selecting your speaker, windows will begin configuring the devices for pairing. Give it a few seconds and you’ll get a popup window confirming that you’ve connected your desktop to the Bluetooth speaker like the image below.

That’s it you’ve now connected your Windows 7 desktop to your Bluetooth speaker.