UberAudio 12W Bluetooth Speaker Review

Ultra compact, lightweight and surprisingly loud


The UberAudio 12W Bluetooth Speaker (UberSlim) is without a doubt one of the most compact portable speakers of its kind on the market. Compatible with all your favourite Bluetooth devices, playback is a breeze and there’s no fiddly cables or complicated sync processes to get in the way of you enjoying your audio.

UberAudio 12W Bluetooth Speaker Review

What’s more, you can even enjoy playback from non-Bluetooth devices courtesy of the 3.5mm cable that’s included. At just 21mm in thickness, this speaker is as compact as they come, but with none of the audio and performance compromises you might have come to expect from other compact speakers of this price range.

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Ultra Portable:

If you’re looking for a device that will offer playback on the go, the UberAudio 12W Bluetooth Speaker is an ideal choice. Compact and lightweight, it’ll easily slip into your pocket or backpack for when you’re on the move, while the built-in battery means you don’t need to worry about carting extra cables around with you after a full charge.

What’s more, this speaker comes with a handy display and carry case for when you want to transport it around with total peace of mind, minimizing the chance of accidental damage while you’re on the move.

Not that you’ll need to worry too much about that as the Uberslim speaker is incredibly resistant against scuffs and scratches, constructed of hard-wearing aluminium to keep damages to a minimum.

UberAudio 12W Bluetooth Speaker

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Impressive Battery Life:

This UberAudio 12w Bluetooth Speaker boasts a built-in 900 mAh Li-ion battery that’s fully rechargeable, you’ll be able to enjoy up to 8 hours of playback after a single full charge (depending on the volume level you set it to) which makes it perfect for longer listening sessions.

Call Compatibility:

This UberAudio Bluetooth Speaker isn’t just compatible with smartphone devices for audio playback, it’s ideal for taking calls too. You’ll be able to answer calls and enjoy crystal-clear voice playback through the speakers as the device itself comes with a built-in microphone with noise-cancellation as standard, meaning there’s very little background noise to worry about while taking calls.


Audio Performance:

With impressive 12W stereo speakers and the added plus of an integrated subwoofer, you can expect crisp and clear audio across the entire sound spectrum. Enjoy rich high notes and vocals, in addition to some of the richest sounding bass you’ve ever heard from a portable Bluetooth speaker of this class. It might look small, but this stylish speaker is perfectly designed to deliver optimum output, delivering incredible audio that packs a real punch throughout the biggest of rooms.

Overall thoughts

This UberAudio Bluetooth Speaker scores highly in every category. Boasting impressive sound performance and cross compatibility with both wireless and wired audio devices, you’ll never have trouble syncing up your smartphone or tablet to enjoy your favourite playlists in crystal clarity.

What’s more, the incredibly compact and lightweight design make it one of the best in class for portability, with a sleek aluminium finish that gives these speakers a gold star in aesthetics too. An essential accessory for music fans, and one that doesn’t skimp on the all important extras.

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